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Ricky Lake’s house burned by fire

Posted on 19 September 2010 by Ariane Richelle A. Villanueva

Actress and talkshow host Ricky Lake’s rented house burned by fire after refueling a portable heater as reported by sheriffs who investigated the incident.


Ricky Lake tries to refuel a heater which started to burned her rented house.

According to the sheriff, on Sunday morning Ricky Lake was trying to refuel the heater at her house in Malibu, California, when a couch flamed and fire immediately spread out. The fire lasted proximately 33 minutes which started around 7:18 in the morning and finally ‘knocked down’ by fire marshals around 7:51am. Ricky Lake and her children Milo, 13 and  Owen, 9 were able to escaped and reported unscathed.

Cost of Ricky Lake’s properties burned were not yet reported at least the rest of the family and a pet dog were unhurt by the tragic incident.

Ricky Lake who started her career in 1988′s adaptation of the movie Hairspray before becoming a host of talk and game shows. The artist and talk show host also appeared in one of the episodes of comedy/drama TV series Drop Dead Diva.

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