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Free iPhone 4 cases or full refund:Apple responds

Posted on 17 July 2010 by Ian Villanueva

Apple to give away free iPhone 4 cases in responds to iPhone 4 antenna problem which eventually led to filing of lawsuit against Apple and government intervened to the iPhone problem.

Apple’s head Steve Jobs, announced the offer at a press conference held to discuss the ongoing speculation about the iPhone 4′s antenna problem. The company promised that the iPhone 4 cases for its users are absolutely free.

Mr Jobs declared “We’re not perfect”. The reception problems were common throughout the smartphone products.

iphone 4 antenna problem press conference

Steve Jobs apologized publicly. Image source:

The application for free iPhone 4 cases will be on July 22 via Apple’s website.

A full refund was also offered by Jobs if the iPhone 4 users were still un-satisfied with the handset’s performance. The said offer will last until September 30.

Jobs expressed during the press conference, “Historically for us, this is not a large number. This doesn’t jive with what you read about this problem.” Figures from Apple Care, a support center of Apple, shows that only 0.55% of total iPhone 4 users complained to the company.

According to technology sites and writers, it was amazing to hear Steve Jobs expresses an apology publicly.

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