Julie Schenecker

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Julie Schenecker kills her 2 teens

Posted on 30 January 2011 by James Campero

Julie Powers Schenecker, a mother of teens and wife to a military officer shot and killed her son on the way to soccer practice, then drove to their upscale home and shot her daughter in the head while she studied at her computer, reports said.

Julie Schenecker

Julie Schenecker, killed her daugher and son for being "mouthy"

Julie Schenecker admitted the crimes she made and says she killed the teens for being “mouthy.”  Schenecker’s husband, Parker Schenecker, currently in Qatar was told of his children’s deaths on Friday,said CentCom spokesman Lt. Col. Michael Lawhorn . Parker is an Army colonel stationed at the headquarters of U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

Julie Schenecker left a note detailing her plans to kill her disrespectful children and then herself, saying “they talked back and were mouthy and that she was going to take care of it,” police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said.

McElroy said:

“I think we will never understand how or why a mother could take the lives of her children,”

“That was the only reason she provided to our detectives.”

The body of Schenecker’s daughter, Calyx Powers Schenecker, 16, was found in an upstairs bedroom, McElroy said while body of her son, Powers Beau Schenecker, 13, was found in an SUV in the garage.

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Egypt Internet connection down

Posted on 28 January 2011 by James Campero

Egypt Internet connection appears to have been cut as the government prepares for another day of mass protest.

Much of the protest happened in the past days are allegedly co-ordinated via web and cutting down Internet connection may lessen the impact of


Graph of the sudden drop off has been confirmed by other web traffic watchers, including Arbor Networks and BGP Mon

the protest. According to Renesys, an Internet connection firm, before 2300 GMT of January 27, virtually routes to Egypt were simultaneously down which resulted to Egypt’s internet websites became unreachable.

James Cowie, Chief Technology Officer of the Renesys posted on their company blog and wrote:

“Link Egypt, Vodafone/Raya, Telecom Egypt, Etisalat Misr, and all their customers and partners are, for the moment, off the air,”

It has been reported earlier this week inaccessibility to major social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Although blocked, most protesters managed to by-pass the said restrictions by using smartphone apps which was not blocked to access to those sites.

Other protesters were able to access the said sites by using proxy servers – by accessing blocked websites through unblocked website.

EgyptFreedomNow user account from Twitter tweeted an alternative way to access the Internet by using dial-up connection.


DIAL-UP ISP IS WORKING. DSL is still working #Egypt,Try their Dial up numbers (0777 7770),(0777 7000) SPREAD THE WORD #jan25 #jan28 check here.

Meanwhile, government authorities were not able to issue statement pertaining to Egypt Internet connection.

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‘New’ zodiac signs: Should you worry?

Posted on 15 January 2011 by Ariane Richelle A. Villanueva

Facebook, Twitter, Google search and blogs has been bombarded with people who were worried about their Horoscope. Fretting about the new zodiac signs?

The news on new zodiac signs invites Facebook members create a page “I Don’t Want to Change My Zodiac Sign Ever” and “CHANGE BACK THE ZODIAC SIGN!!!”.

Astrologers like Shelley Ackerman of Star Tribune receives a lot of emails from a worried clients about their new zodiac signs. Initial response of Ackerman to clients were not to overreact saying:

“This doesn’t change your chart at all. I’m not about to use it,” she said. “Every few years, a story like this comes out and scares the living daylights out of everyone, but it’ll go away as quickly as it came.”

Most horoscope and zodiac signs fanatics take the new zodiac signs negatively saying like:

“My whole life, I thought I was a Capricorn,” the 25-year-old New York publicist said. “Now I’m a Sagittarius? I don’t feel like a Sagittarius!” , Sofia Whitcombe

“I believe it’s a zodiac scam,” said Jose Arce, 38, from Fort Lee, N.J., who runs a body shop. “I’ve known myself to be a Sagittarius, I believe, since I was born. So to come up now with some new sign? It’s unacceptable!”

Some bloggers says:

“Darn it, the whole time I thought I was an introvert, now to find out that I’m an extrovert. I’m going to need awhile to unravel my life.”

“Dude, I’m a Leo and always will be a Leo, no matter where the sun is on August 5th. Besides, this very expensive

tattoo on my right shoulder tells me so.”

Ackerman said in CNN that

“Our identities are precious,” she said. “If someone challenges our belief system, it’s very threatening. You want to hold on to the fact ‘at least I’m a Libra.’ “

In Star Tribune explains that ever since the zodiac signs were developed, it has been inaccurate. Peter Kunkle have it affirmed

“that since the Babylonian zodiac periods were established millennia ago, the moon’s gravitational pull has made the Earth “wobble” around its axis in a process called precession. That has created about a one-month bump in the stars’ alignment, meaning that “when [astrologers] say that the sun is in ­Pisces, it’s really not in Pisces,” said Kunkle, who teaches astronomy courses at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. ” source.

Hilary Young, CEO of AstrologyDating.com, says she has been bombarded with texts and e-mails from worried customers. Young gave her logical explanation pertaining to the new zodiac signs as why we should not get worried about the news on zodiac signs.

“Everyone can relax,” Young said. She added: “People ask me what does it mean for their personality. I expect it will be the same it was yesterday. You probably didn’t wake up with a new personality.”

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Skype outage due to software issue

Posted on 23 December 2010 by Ian Villanueva

In the wee hours of Thursday  (Dec. 23), many Skype users were upset to learn that they can’t login to the said IM and call service. Skype users encountered problem such as unable to login, disrupted calling or cannot join to group calling. Skype said, the problem caused by software issue particularly on its ability to locate other users using ‘supernodes’.


Skype outage still on-going.

In an estimate of Skype, about 5 million users are now online which is roughly about 30% of its users. Skype engineers are now working to address the said problem. It was also said in a blog post of Skype that, “Our engineers are creating new ‘mega-supernodes’ as fast as they can, which should gradually return things to normal,”

In a blog update of Skype, Peter Parkes noted the “Significant increase of online users’ which shows that most of the users are getting back online.

In the last hour, we’ve seen evidence of a significant increase in the number of people online. Because of the way the Skype software works, it’s not possible for anyone to obtain an exact figure, but we now estimate it to be over 10 million.

Please note that some features may not work as reliably as expected – peoples’ online status may be slow to update, and instant messages might not be delivered as quickly as they are normally. Group video calling will take longer to return to normal.

Although most of the users were able to go online again, there are still people who can’t login.

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‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ overturned by 65-31

Posted on 19 December 2010 by James Campero

Don’t ask, don’t tell’ has been overturned by 65-31 votes in the senates giving a chance for openly gay to join the military forces.

Yesterday, US Senators voted to repeal the ban on gay people serving openly in the military, paving the way for President Obama to sign a law ending the policy this week. Although Don’t as, don’t tell has been overturned, the current policy will remain in effect since it will take some time to put in place the new rule, according to Robert Gates, defence secretary who pushed for the change.

In the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, gay men and women are allowed to serve as long as they kept their sexual orientation secret which started in 1993.

Robert Gates said, “There is nothing more that I want than to resume my career as an officer and a leader in the Air Force,” .According to Gates, once the bill has been signed by President Obama, “planning necessary to carry out this change” will follow.

We should expect a statement from Lady Gaga now that “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy has been repealed. Lady Gaga, was seen wearing a meat dress during the MTV Music Awards to show her opposition to the don’t ask, don’t tell policy of the military service.

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Did Tony Parker crossed over with team mate?

Posted on 18 November 2010 by Ariane Richelle A. Villanueva

Two of the hottest celebrity and star of Hollywood and NBA couple are on the hot seats right now. Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and NBA San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker has been rumored to be divorced because of the alleged relationship with former teammate Brent Barry’s wife Erin Barry.


Did Tony Parker really cheated on Eva Longoria?

Parker was asked about alleged indecent relationship, Parker replied “That’s my private life.” People close to Parker defended the Spurs’ point guard saying, “They knew each other, sent each other messages,”  ”It was flirtatious, but he never did anything with her.”

As of this moment, Erin Barry or Brent Barry was not able to issue a statement but Brent’s dad already told TMZ that the couple have some involvement with the divorce of Eva and Tony. Eric Barry, Brent’s dad stated in TMZ.

“I feel horrible for my son. I’m in shock.  I knew [Erin] was moving out of the house soon and SHE was the one that filed for divorce. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back.” TMZ

Meanwhile, Eva Longoria’s latest tweet confirms the said divorce saying:

It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce. We love each other (cont) [check here]

Tony Parker also tweeted the same.

It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Eva and I have decided to divorce. We love each other deeply…here

The couple has been married in Paris almost 4 years ago in a civil ceremony on July 6, 2007 in France. Day after civil wedding of Eva and Parker, priest married them in church across from the Louvre Museum.

Eva filed her divorce at Los Angeles Superior court and requested for spousal support from Tony Parker. The actress also requested to restore her real name Eva Jacqueline Longoria.

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